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Thank you for telling me about Fulvic Acid Eye Drops. They helped my dry eye 100%.
I went to my eye doctor and she was amazed on how my eyes improved. She is going to pass this information to others.
I have told friends and family as well.

Again thank you. I can drive again.


I had a procedure done to prevent eye problems in the near future that ending up causing all kinds of serious eye issues My eyes were extremely dry , heavy and painful.

These drops have helped so much.  I’m so thankful I was told about this company.

I want to thank the gentleman on the phone who took the time in explaining how the drops work.

Francine Emard

Between 2019-2021, I lived through 2 operations on my leg (it was a lengthwise tibia fracture; therefore, 1 plate + 5 screws were installed and were surgically removed one year after), 2 operations in my mouth for implants, 2 residential moves, an accident where the truck was a total loss and Covid on top of that! The bone and cartilage healed very well but by 2022, there were episodes, every three weeks or so, when the un-operable ligament(s) would get stretched and swollen to the point where it would shift out of place (at least that’s my understanding of it) and cause the type of pain as when the dentist hits a nerve. Imagine, if you can, having that jolt several times in a minute! Then I could only move forward using the walker for three days, the cane for another three days and still limping for a couple days after. Of course, the energy was very low with all this stress on the adrenal glands. Then I took ATP PLUS for about six weeks. One day, my leg got sore like someone had kicked me in the shin and by night fall, a saw a big liquid filled welt; a purplish swelling 3 inches above it, same below it, but no fever. Like a humungous boil! It did not breakup during that night and it continued to enlarge for two days. Finally, I decided to pierce it and a lot, I mean a lot, of clear yellow liquid came out, yellow like that of a highlighter. Strange…but no pain now. This is where it gets surreal!. The morning after, with no warning whatsoever, I eliminated a huge quantity of liquid, both from the bladder and the colon! And it was the same clear yellow liquid! Now, ever since that healing crisis (this happened in May and we’re in August 2023) the ligament (or whatever) has remained elastic, strong and does not irritate a nerve anymore. It’s still feels like it’s hanging by a thread but now the thread is strong! Maybe before it could not heal on account of all the medication for surgery and the exhaustion from the 3-yr period. Needless to say, I have decided to make the Humalife products a way of life for me from now on. The body decides what’s important to heal/repair first, so I can’t wait to see what benefit will come next. At 74, every/any thing is more that welcome. Forever grateful to George Merkl and Joshua Flint of TheGoodlyCompany.

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